cirugía plástica, estética y reparadora

The way I see it


My name is Rosina. I´m a plastic surgeon, based in Granada since forever in the public hospital and my own office. And I am seriously happy to be so. Because this gives me the possibility to help people in situations where their lives might need a bit of redirection. Very often this means repairing what is damaged or sometimes even lost. We do not always ask for this in life. Luckily modern medical technology keeps making progress, so there are possibilities to improve.


Knowing it is not always easy to decide what to do, I would be glad to hear your story. See what is the matter and help you out. Which does not necessarily mean endless operations. Sometimes solutions are easier then what we might be expecting.  I will give you my honest opinion. I promise.




Dra. Rosina Martínez González-Escalada

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Where to start


Pick up your phone, that´s a good way to begin.

You will find my office in the practice of Medical Plena.  Please feel free to call, I would be happy to help you out.


You will find the address below.



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Medical Plena

+34 958 982 026


Calle Gorrión 7

18014 Granada


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